Finding the Perfect Broker

March 14, 2009

Great writeup in Barron’s this week that covers online brokers. Actually, some may be on- and off-line, but this is a good reference point to find out which platform may be the best fit once you leave your high priced broker. Of course that assumes that you are looking to make a change and take matters into your own hands.

If you think about it, how much worse can you do as compared to the  many pros that got out Read more

Report: 1Q Economic Commentary and Outlook (Free!)

January 15, 2009

Each quarter we write a detailed review of how the global economic climate responded to varying conditions and what we see ahead.  here are a few of the areas we cover in detail this quarter.

Usually, this is only available to clients of Horowitz & Company, but this quarter we wanted to make it available for your review.

  • Economic data releases from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have been bullishly skewed and subsequently revised downward showing increased bearish sentiment.
  • Optimism from proposed government intervention should not trump unprecedented unemployment, retail sales and credit problems
  • Short term effect from economic stimulus in the form of rate reductions can be beneficial, but a longer-term solution is needed.
  • Legislation needs to be enacted to expand the allowable plan assets and clearly define effective investment diversification.
  • Mutual Fund companies and buy and hold advisors have failed miserably at protecting investor’s hard earned money.
  • Money flows have clearly shown a skew toward ETFs rather than Mutual Funds.
  • Increased incentive to borrow due to rate reductions will only decrease the chances for consumers to get out of credit problems.
  • Access to credit by consumers will be limited by their lack of gainful employment.
  • IPOs have become extinct which has caused investment banks to lose significant revenue.

If you would to read the detail and our forecast, click HERE

Recent Proshares Capital Gains – Tax Problem?

December 28, 2008

There have been several significant capital gain distributions from our friends over at Proshares. As the year progressed, the gains grew for many of the Short ETFs and now they are passing-through to shareholders. (See list of distributions HERE)

On one hand, it is great that there have been gains in an otherwise horrid year for equities. On the other, who wants gains in positions that are part of a core portfolio? Read more

The Week in Preview: Mixed Bag

June 8, 2008

At best it was a week that was difficult at worst it was a very concerning sign about what is to come. We have finally seen a significant drop in the overall sentiment due to extraordinarily high oil prices mixed with an unemployment level at 5.5%. The mixture of these and other troubling economic projections has finally come to cause investors to pause and realize that this is no place to be accepting risk beyond what is absolutely necessary.

This week will show a significant amount of reservation by investors not accepting of any shortfalls on earnings or even outlooks that are not significantly rosy. The current picture and the economic outlook was the focus of The Disciplined Investor Podcast this week with help from money manager and economist, Michael “Mish” Sheldock.

Monday, in June 9

Shuffle Master (NASDAQ: SHFL) will be reporting earnings that are expected to be $.07 per share. This has continued to be a difficult market for them even as casino construction has..

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The Week In Preview – June 2nd

June 1, 2008

Excerpt from The Week in Preview for AOL Finance/Blogging Stocks:

How did we get here anyway? Housing and construction companies have been crushed as the bubble burst and now investors have to make a critical decision. Do you stay and hope for a recovery or bag it and move to another position that has the potential to provide better returns?

Monday, June 2

The week begins with the 10 am release of Construction spending and the ISM Index. Construction spending is expected to continue to be weak as is the ISM.

Then we have a few housing-related earnings releases that should be of interest. Watch NCI Building Systems Inc. (NYSE: NCS). This company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of metal products for the nonresidential construction industry. Terrific! This is a company that is suffering along with the entire construction sector…that is for sure. In fact, they company lowered the outlook for the remainder of the year back in March. It stands to reason that not much is better. The ace in the hole is the recent trend of lowering expectations and then coming out with an earnings beat. Even so, this has too much potential for problems and the sideline is a good vantage point to watch the earnings announcement, which is expected to come in with a PROFIT of 31 cents per share on $365 million of revenue. (Uh…That I would like to see.)

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