Video: Andrew on Davio’s Misstrade TV

December 15, 2009

Matt Davio of MissTrade asked me to discuss a few aspects of how I got into the business as well as a few of our strategies we use for clients.

Here are the videos that he produced (Nice job Matt and Dan).

Definitely bookmark the site as he has some great interviews.

OKAY OKAY, I look really tan and the lighting makes me look like George Hamilton. Read more

Mr G. Goes to the Hill: Ron Paul is Victorious!

November 20, 2009

A brutal day on the hill for Mr. G.

According to reports: Political frustration over the rescue of Wall Street and high unemployment erupted in Congress Thursday, with one committee threatening to impose tighter scrutiny on the Federal Reserve and another excoriating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

But the real zinger is that the House Financial Services Committee voted, 43-26, to approve a measure brought by Texas Republican Ron Paul, (not the Feds biggest fan), that would allow for Read more

Video: Does the S&P Have Any More Upside?

October 27, 2009

Here is a new video from our friends at MarketClub on the potential top of the S&P 500. There are some pretty compelling technical arguments for this being the top…but take a look for yourself with Read more

Should Gabelli Be Allowed to Pump A Stock On CNBC?

October 15, 2009

Last week, Mario Gabelli (who I have a great deal of respect for as I am sure you do as well) talked about a micro-cap company he holds in some of his portfolios.

The stock – Hawk Corporation (HWK) has a market cap of $131 million and annual revenues of $269 million. The stock is thinly traded with an average of 26,000 shares traded Read more

A123 (AONE) – Electric Cars: Hype or Hope?

September 24, 2009

Lithium Ion batteries are the name of the game for A123 (AONE) and the comparisons are now being made to the ethanol hype of years past.

Here is what the CEO had to say on CNBC:

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