TPR – Apple (AAPL) Pre-Earnings Report and Gameplan

April 24, 2012

From TriggerPoint Research (our subscription services site)

Apple Inc is expected to report earnings on 4/24/2012 (after the close). The current consensus of the 56 analysts is a strong buy rating. Over the past four weeks analysts have decreased their rating and have decreased it over the past three months. For this quarter’s earnings report, analysts will be looking for EPS of $10.05 and revenue of $36,865.63 million. Company guidance will also be a key issue as analysts are expecting next quarter’s EPS and revenue of $9.95 per share and $37,492.47 million respectively. Looking out further, estimates are for EPS of $44.44 on sales of $161,123.09 million for the full year.

Option traders are pricing in the potential for a post earnings move of 7.92% – indicating a Read more

Lululemon (LULU) Earnings Follow-Up

March 22, 2012

Early this morning, prior to the announcement by LULU, we published a TPR Earnings report.

Here was our take:

Lululemon tends to surprise to the upside most times on EPS and revenue. At any sign of a miss, we could quickly rule out getting long this position and we could look to get short. There is not a whole lot of volume support to the downside on this position so it could move down rather violently.

However, with LULU’s track record, it is very possible to see a nice beat and a move higher in the security. We will be looking for greater than $0.58 on EPS, $387 Million of sales and positive forward-looking guidance in order to get long in Read more