TDI Podcast: Tech Disruption and Destruction (#419)

June 28, 2015

In this episode we take some time to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most important tech innovations of our times. With Kevin Hoffmann as our guest, we dive into markets, technology as well as the outlook for Greece.

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TDI Podcast: Under The Radar Disruptive Technology (#417)

June 14, 2015

Guest, Louis Basenese discusses disruptive technology and some under the radar finds. We also look back on the week that was, the week ahead and some signs that China’s markets are in some scary bubble territory.

Plus several stocks identified in this episode that could shake up the world technologically from Disruptive Tech Research. Read more


TDI Podcast: This Will Blow Your Mind (#414)

May 24, 2015

Guest: Paul Godsmark, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence discusses the world with automated (driver-less) vehicles. The implications are astounding. We also take a look at companies that may benefit from breakthroughs in this industry, some of the recent economic reports and a summation of this earnings season.

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TDI Podcast: Howard Lindzon Shares His Insights (Bad Apples Everywhere) #354

March 9, 2014

Guest: Howard Lindzon doesn’t hold back when he tells us his thoughts on the industry and the players. We discuss StockTwits as well as some of his favorite stock ideas and strategies. It is a light week for eco, however in this episode we discuss the 18% plunge in China’s exports as well as the important upcoming economic and newsworthy reports for the week. Read more


Who Needs A Camera Anymore With This Baby ?

July 11, 2013

41 MP! Wow..that is amazing from a little handheld that also includes full “smartphone” features. On the last few vacations, I actually scrapped the idea of using a camera and only brought my iPhone and it was great! What is next for the camera industry????

As we get closer and closer to Thurday, it is probably of little surprise that more information is coming out about Nokia’s 41MP Windows Phone, the Lumia 1020. The device, which has gone by the codename ‘Elvis’ on AT&T and ‘EOS’ in general, is expected to be Nokia’s biggest splash yet in mobile photography since the PureView 808, but this time with the power of Windows Phone behind it.

In the new render above, you can clearly see an unbranded Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, along with three other 1020’s in yellow, black and white with the 41MP camera exposed. Featuring a Xenon and LED flash, a massive camera sensor (and $70 optional camera grip accessory), the Lumia 1020 should give photo buffs a new dream phone for everyday use.

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