TDI Podcast: Michael Covel Talks Turtles and Trends (#413)

May 17, 2015

Michael Covel talks about how to follow the trend and his experience with the turtle traders. We discuss the importance of trend over any other research as well as how to ensure that your emotions don’t get the best of you.

In this episode we also cover the potential for a resolution this week in regards to Greece, who holds the debt and why an exit has low probability.

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Candle Sessions Reversal – New From The Gang at Bloomberg

May 14, 2012

While the actual indicator is not new, it is now available on the Bloomberg Professional platform. My friend Bill Sindel is a whiz at making these indicators come alive on Bloomberg charts. This one I like as it has some interesting applications for a longer time-frame as shown below for the S&P 500 monthly.

On a monthly and weekly time-frame, the trend has now Read more

The Spearman Indicator – Two Ways to Decipher

April 24, 2012

We often look to the Spearman Indicator as a reference point for the level of damage that is being inflicted on the markets in general and the potential for the trend to continue. If the indicator is under zero and heading lower, it is a sign that there is additional lows that should follow. Also, depending on the slope of the trend will show how much the correction or rally has taken the price of the index outside of Read more

The Trusty Spearman Indicator Speaks

April 10, 2012

Back on March 26th, we wrote that the Spearman Indicator was showing signs that a change in trend was possible. At that time, there was a hint that markets were vulnerable, but there was no definitive confirmation.

Now that our Market Trend Indicator (MTI) is in a Strong Downtrend position, it is confirmed that the roll under the zero mark for the Spearman has also flashed a change in trend. It is important to look at multiple indications of market trend in order to Read more

The Final Spearman Indicator For 2011: Rolling or Resting?

December 30, 2011

If you have been reading our updates on the Spearman Indicator, you have probably concluded that it has been rather accurate in its timing.

The most probable reason is that this is not a trending market, but rather a choppy and quickly changing chop that has been moving in a range. The Spearman Indicator appears to be made for such a situation.

What we can see from the most recent chart is that there an “overbought” indication that will soon resolve. Both the indicator and the signal are both at 83.303. At this point it is starting to show a tilt toward rolling down, although Read more