TDI Podcast: Leading the Pack with Chris Hogan (#380)

September 7, 2014

Guest:┬áChris Hogan explains the power of social media on relationship of consumers and businesses. In this episode we also discuss the upcoming Apple (APPL) announcement as well as the ECB’s latest stimulus program. Much more as well in this informative program…

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TDI Podcast: Howard Lindzon Shares His Insights (Bad Apples Everywhere) #354

March 9, 2014

Guest: Howard Lindzon doesn’t hold back when he tells us his thoughts on the industry and the players. We discuss StockTwits as well as some of his favorite stock ideas and strategies. It is a light week for eco, however in this episode we discuss the 18% plunge in China’s exports as well as the important upcoming economic and newsworthy reports for the week. Read more