TDI Podcast: Investing With Clean Hands (#480)

October 16, 2016

Guest, James Lumberg explains exact what is the meaning of Impact Investing Strategies. He provides us with a solid education and what to look for. He follows up with an Amazing review of the history of returns for those companies that have socially and environmentally responsible governance plans in place. It is interesting to note the performance over the years – actually it is quite impressive. Read more


TDI Podcast: A Twist on QuantaFundaTechna (Episode #479)

October 9, 2016

With a quiet week for economics, earnings season about to start – what better time to look to launch a few trial balloons? Central Banks and the rumor mill are doing their best to shape the thoughts and actions of investors.

In this episode we answer some great questions from listeners. We also dig into the recent British Pound mini-crash – Some thoughts on how and why it happened.

Finally, an update and review of the latest economics and what to expect in the week ahead.

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TDI Podcast: The Vegas Red Eye (#478)

October 2, 2016

Just off of the red-eye, tired and fighting a cold – but the show must go on. A look at some of the action from a weekend in Vegas as well as a quick commentary on markets and the troubles impacting the EuroZone financial institutions.

Crude surges as OPEC mentioned that they have a deal – however they have no details, no additional comments and nothing else to say… until the November OPEC meeting. Nice move fellas!

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TDI Podcast: A Frank Look at Curzio Research (#476)

September 18, 2016

Guest, Frank Curzio and Andrew discuss some of the speakers and topics from the recent Delivering Alpha conference. Frank literary had front row seats and gathered some great information that he shares.

We also talk about the recent Apple (AAPL) meeting and release of new hardware, markets, the economy as well as Frank’s an update on Frank’s new venture – Curzio Research.

Plus a few of Frank’s favorite stocks – listen to why he thinks these may soon see some significant upside.

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TDI Podcast: A Warning About Fixed Income Investments (#475)

September 11, 2016

Markets had a bad week as information was digested from Fed speakers as well as the ECB. Not much of a surprise here as there has been too much range-bound complacency building for weeks. The lack of central bank support was only part of the reason for the sell-off. Listen-in as we go through some of the back-story about what helped to create this downside move.

In this episode we also get to the bottom of why wage growth is non-existent.

More importantly – what is the bond market telling us and what to make of it? Some important ideas on how to reduce risk in your fixed income investments are discussed – plus some practical tips.

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