Potash (POT) Cuts Guidance – Sales Soft, Outlook Dim

September 21, 2009

Last week we sold short Potash (POT) again after covering at the sub $ 90 price the week prior. It had run back towards $ 97 and that appeared to be an ideal place to add the position as there is a good amount of resistance at that level.

Yes, Cramer is still bullish on the position. In fact, just last week I saw a replay of him again telling callers to get Read more

Clues to the Markets Next Move

July 2, 2009

Recently, there have been several reasons why we have been stubbornly looking at the markets as overbought and due for a correction/downturn. One issue has been the general complacency of traders as can be seen in the low price of the VIX (Volatility/Fear Gauge)


Beyond this, we have been bumping along the 910-940 range on the S&P 500 and there is not much that investors have seen in the way of economics or earnings that have them inspired to push the markets ahead. Oil has been an issue and the world markets optimism/hope has had been pressing stocks higher.

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