Poll: Who is Your Favorite TDI Podcast Guest For 2011?

December 11, 2011

Who is your favorite?

Let us know and for the final podcast in 2011, we will (try to) bring them back to share their opinions, forecasts, hindsight, foresight about the market, Europe, trading strategies or whatever their specialty might be. Read more

CNBC Cheerleader Poll

August 6, 2007

This morning (Monday 8/6), three guests on CNBC, Farell, Santoli and Barbera talked openly about the credit markets and that the markets may go through a rapid adjustment of the credit markets and ultimately the equity markets. All the time, Joe Kernen was giving the contra view and continually injecting that the markets could move up. He was almost searching for a positive spin no matter what was said. Siss-Boom-Bah, Go Markets Go Markets Rah-Rah-Rah!

In the TDI Podcast 21, one of our guests told us that his firm has “outlawed” CNBC in the office.

My only other observation on this is one of regarding the morning comments on market futures. It seemed that as the futures were up ad moving higher, the pre-market morning host would give updates quite often. As they moved sharply lower throughout the morning, the updates were discussed less and less. Now, don’t let me sway you, tell us what you think….

How do you feel about CNBC? Are they reporting the news or market cheerleaders?


Is CNBC reporting or cheerleading?

  • Cheerleading (98%)
  • Reporting (2%)
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Apple iPhone Rock or Flop? POLL

June 19, 2007

Will Apple iPhone Rock or Flop?

  • Rock (64%)
  • Flop (36%)
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Apple iPhone

Stocks Mentioned: AAPL

Polls Added to TDI Site

June 12, 2007

In an effort to get our community involved and communicating their thoughts, we have added Polls to the site. With the timing of the CROX post and the immense emotional charge surrounding it, what better than to have the inaugural Poll to ask our readers about the their take on the valuation of CROX.

Have at it! Vote once please and remember that this is not a scientific measure.

Croc's Stock is...

  • OVERvalued by at least 25% (28%)
  • Who Cares! (22%)
  • Correctly Valued (17%)
  • UNDERvalued by at least 50% (11%)
  • UNDERvalued by at least 25% (11%)
  • OVERvalued by at least 50% (11%)
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