Oil Inventories: Where is the Oil?

December 21, 2011

Major demand or maybe just a lack of inventory was seen today in the Department of Energy’s Oil Inventory report.  Major draw downs in inventory stocks were seen across the board.

Crude showed a drop of 10.57 Million barrels vs. expectations of a dip of only 2.125 Million barrels
Gasoline dropped by 412,000 barrels vs. the expectation of a build of 1.5 Million barrels
Distillates dropped by 2.353 Million barrels vs. expectations of build of 83,000 barrels Read more

The DOE Crude Report at 10:30am – Consumers Lose Either Way

October 5, 2011

Crude oil prices, along with other commodities have been falling rapid over the past few weeks. Part of the reason is due to the rising U.S. Dollar and the rest due to the concern over demand. Each week the reports from both the API and DOE are released which shows the level of inventory growth or drawdown. Tuesday nights, after the close, the API reports in. Then, on Wednesday at Read more

Should Gas Prices Be This High? Some Charts/Data To Consider

June 10, 2011

Gasoline prices have been rising. In fact, they seem to rise no matter what the actual price of oil is. Apparently, there is only one directional adjustment that can be made at the pump – and that is higher. Even with the recent drop of 12% for WTI crude , little change was seen in the average gas price. Those cost increases are starting to show through as retail sales are slowing and consumer confidence is dropping.

While the rage continues in the MENA nations, the Read more

Oil Spikes Lower on Chile Earthquake

March 1, 2010

Oil spiked lower as the news came that three was another significant aftershock in Chile. This one measured 5.1 and news of the actual damage is still coming in.

The timing of the shift in sentiment in the future’s pits changed exactly at the same time…

Coincidence? Read more

Oil Inventories and The Facts (USO)

February 25, 2010

There were mixed numbers from both the API and the DOE. On Tuesday night, the API came out with numbers that showed a large draw-down in Oil inventories but a significant gain in gasoline inventories. Yet, as we have seen before the next day, the report by the DOE showed quite a different picture.

From our perspective, we view the API number as a reflection of the consumption in the U.S. and the DOE a worldwide result. Therefore, we could consider that the Read more

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