Report on Mutual Fund and ETF Outflows

March 27, 2009

Domestic Mutual Funds and ETFs continue to show outflows as reported by Trim Tabs. It appears investors are rotating to more conservative investments despite the underlying rally in stocks. See report below.

TrimTabs Estimates All Equity Mutual Funds Post Outflow of $10.7 Billion in Week Ended Wednesday, March 25

Sausalito, CA – March 26, 2009- TrimTabs Investment Research estimates that all equity mutual funds posted an outflow of $10.7 billion in the week ended Wednesday, March 25, versus a revised outflow of $233 million in the previous week.

Equity funds that invest primarily in U.S. stocks posted an outflow of $9.8 billion, versus a revised inflow of $131 million in the previous week. Equity funds that invest primarily in non-U.S. stocks had an outflow of $921 million, versus a revised outflow of $364 million in the previous week. In addition, bond funds had an inflow of $3.5 billion, versus a revised inflow of $5.6 billion in the previous week, and hybrid funds had an outflow of $323 million, versus a revised outflow of $201 million in the previous week.

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Video: WSJ on 2X ETFs – “Steer Clear”

January 6, 2009

The Wall Street Journal is now in the action with their comments on double leveraged ETFs. This is a cursory look at the issue that is getting some attention, but it fell short of providing any usable information.

SEE – TDI Episode 90: The Everything ETF Episode (Part 1)

Clearly, we were in a time of wicked volatility and the swaps got crushed once the market turned since the volatility factor was eroded. I am not sure why the fellow on the left is so animated and needs to say “steer clear” as that is not at all what the gent on the right seemed to be saying. Was it?

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The Magical Cure for ALL of Our Investment Woes…

December 30, 2008

American Funds has recently put out a concerning report on their website. It is aimed at advisors who are looking for ways to approach their clients to help smooth over any hard feelings from the pain and harm inflicted during 2008 on buy-and-hold mutual fund portfolios.

My first question is: Where were they 6 months ago to help mitigate the apparent disaster that was coming? Too harsh? Okay, let’s give them some slack…how about 2 months ago?

Take a look at the “high-end” process being used to bring investors back into the market. Essentially, it appears that investment professionals need to be to spend some time with their clients to discuss what happened, find out what questions they may have and once that is accomplished, magically restore confidence. This expertly designed plan will some how provide the peace of mind to help sell more fund shares investors put more money to work. (I can hear them now: Get your red hot front-end load, only 5.75% charge while supplies last!) Read more

Profitable Resolutions for the New Year

December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

It seems that the commitment made to resolutions each New Year is such a common pastime that the United States government actually has a web page dedicated to the “Top New Year’s Resolutions.” According to the “government-made-easy” site (, there are a dozen or so popular resolutions that we seem to revisit year after year. This year, think about taking those same resolutions and applying them to your investments and finances. Here are a few ideas for The Disciplined Investor:

Lose Weight – Put your investment portfolio on a diet! In other words, get rid of the fat and keep it off! Look carefully through the list of your investments. Do you have stragglers that you are keeping just because they have been there for years? There is no better way to clean up AND rebalance a portfolio than getting rid of non-performing positions. Make a list of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that do not seem to meet your investment objectives. Be critical and maybe even a bit brutal and cut out the unnecessary load.

Pay Off Debt – Be careful not to over-borrow. While margin can be utilized for good reason, it is not appropriate for most investors. Make sure that your accounts are free from margin debt and commit to paying down any outstanding loans. Close positions that have been bought on borrowed money. If you have been accessing the margin features of your brokerage accounts to pay down bills…DON’T!

Save Money – It is time to stop paying high commissions and fees. There is no reason for anyone to be paying the high costs associated with front- or back-end loaded mutual funds. Of course, even with no-load funds, the managers Read more

TDI Podcast 17: From Seat 3A

June 29, 2007

From Seat 3A on the way to Russia. Review of CROX trade (OH YEAH), an idea for profiting from Apple iPhone. Blackrock IPO went south, no kidding..was only setup to benefit the insiders anyway. We discuss the opportunities in Northern Europe. Chatting from 35,000 above the Atlantic.

Book Pre-orders are being accepted at the website…Coming to bookstores July 31st. All pre-orders will be signed by ME.

Apple (AAPL) is a short idea into the release of the iPhone. Buys some puts?

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Here are the funds that are the top in the European Sector:

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