Inflation and Manufacturing – What if ….

March 18, 2011

Below there are a number of important economic charts released on Thursday. The main takeaway is that there IS inflation that is showing up, both in the core and the headline number. Mr. Bernanke’s game has released a massive amount of commodity inflation and even he should begin to see what is occuring around the world.

Here is the rub: Take a look at the massive rise in the Philly Fed and the sagging industrial production. What we may begin to see is that companies will become reluctant to over-order inventories as they are challenged Read more

Euro Region Banks – Six Weeks Later

November 22, 2010

With all of the money backing the necessary bailouts of the EuroZone banks and governments, it looks as if there is little more than continuing fear that has investors pulling money out of related investments.

Even with a $1 trillion or so backstop, the number keep growing on just how much it will take to right this sinking ship. Even as the goal is to keep the Euro from breaking apart under the weight of an uneven economic backdrop, investors are getting wise to the fact that the prop-up spending is going to continue to Read more