Google Blows out numbers (again)

April 16, 2009

Google Inc. (GOOG) reported earnings per share at $5.16 vs. expectations at $4.93 per share and revenues of $5.51 Billion vs.$4.08 Billion.  Wall Street was optimistic today about Google’s stock pushing it well over the $390 handle intra-day and after the earnings call we have seen the stock fluctuate between $388 and well over the $400 price level.  What we have heard is that advertising revenues have been under pressure in this current economic environment.  However, Google remains a powerhouse in the search engine department and are looking to expand it’s brand to other sectors.  Google currently has approximately 82% of the global search engine market share and continues to expand internationally.  Online advertiser’s have recognized this and continued to pay for ad’s on Google’s web sites as well as their Network web sites. Read more