Audio: Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged #9

December 11, 2008

Here is the Ninth conversation I had with John C. Dvorak…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything. What to do? This chat is not produced and is presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in. Read more


Audio: Horowitz /Dvorak Unplugged #7

November 17, 2008

From the lost archives. John C. Dvorak and Andrew talk about markets, crashes ad bailouts. There is sure to be a rant or two in there somewhere….


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TDI Episode 61: A Technology Carol

June 15, 2008

Guests: Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak discuss all things Tech. We have a friendly chat to discuss the Technology of past and present and future. The Yahoo! and Microsoft deal (or not) and the general take on Apple’s new iPhone.Dvorak and Laporte


We tried to get it scheduled but at the last second, it all fell apart. So, two guests…just not at the same time. First up is John C. Dvorak who gives us his outlook on iPhone versus the Blackberry. Then in a something that you will only hear on this episode, John shares with us the something special, the perfect wine selection for dentists. WiMAX is analyzed along with

Listen/Read John all over the place including: MarketWatch, No Agenda Podcast, Cranky Geeks…

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Next, Leo Laporte, Leo is an amazing host and has a vast range of technology that he uses and understands. Surface computing, AntiVirus and AntiSpyware and who are the players that may be hurt by Microsoft’s entry to the market. Amazon and the cloud.

Some terms and products dug up from the past: VisiCalc, Wordstar, Apple2, DOS, Next Computer, Dumb Terminal, Palm Pilot, PDA, Zoomer and more…

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The ZachZone Stocks: (NOTE: ZachZone will not be heard on podcast this episode, though these are the stocks he is watching) Walter Industries, Inc. (WLT), Bristow Group Inc. (BRS), Verso Paper Corp. (VRS), American Water Works Co., Inc. (AWK)

Stocks Mentioned in this Episode: (IBM) (INTC) (AMD) (GOOG) (YHOO) (MSFT) (AAPL) (RIMM) (PALM) (S) (PRXM) (MFE) (AMZN) (VMW)


TDI Episode 41: UPDATE – Exploding the Economy with Gas !

January 22, 2008

Guest: John C. Dvorak. Exploding the Economy with GAS! Recession coming? Are we seeing the projected 2009 crash much earlier than is expected? Andrew is still bearish in the face of the uncertainty and the inability of the Fed or Washington to come up with a cogent plan to help stave of what is shaping up to be a prolonged market slump and eventual recession.

John Dvorak Blog

John C. Dvorak shares some of his thoughts on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008. He still has a concern about Intel (INTC) and AMD (AMD). We discuss the effects of mergers and acquisitions and the indigestion issue. The forward view for the technology sector is also explored.

Andrew shares a crazy idea of how to stimulate the economy by creating a stimulus package through rebates at the gas pump. While there are many holes in this idea, it could help to pad consumer’s pockets immediately and help to bring new money to the economy. Waiting to fund the problem until April is stupid. We need to see an explosive move NOW!

John also discusses his recent MarketWatch article concerning the MYSQL acquisition and how it seems to be an error on the part of Sun Microsystems (JAVA).iTunes Subscribe

Lots and lots to chew on in Episode 41…Listen through iTunes and subscribe to make sure you get future episodes.

Coming up on future episodes are the founders of Covestor and then we have scheduled Chris Jolley from MSN Money who will share with us all of the important features that MSN Money has to offer.

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Audio: Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged #11

January 2, 2008

Dvorak-Horowitz on the Stock Market and Bernie Madoff Swindle Part 2. Horrible New Twist.

Here is the 11th conversation I had with John C. Dvorak…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything. What to do? This chat is not produced and is presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in. We discuss Bernie Madoff among other topics.

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