DHUnplugged – Our Stock Picks Live!

June 2, 2014

Each week on the DHUnplugged Podcast, John C. Dvorak and I spend some time looking at ideas for stocks that may be ready for a move. We log each of the specific ideas and then track them on a Google Docs spreadsheet.

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The nice thing is that the spreadsheet is updated dynamically Read more

DHUnplugged #167: The F^#$&ing Fiscal Cliff

December 6, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff and all of the news that you need to know. A few stocks that are of interest and a discussion on Rimm’s latest misstep (that hasn’t even happened yet).

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DHUnplugged – Hurricane Stocks Picks (Long and Short)

October 31, 2012

Each week, John C. Dvorak and I get together to discuss the news, politics and financial markets. Sometimes we talk about stupid and unrelated items as well.

In this week’s episode : Invasion of the Subway Rats, we have a few stock ideas that may Read more

DHUnplugged – China May Wreck The World

August 24, 2012

Coal companies may see some volatility as the EPA ruling is overturned. Watch natural gas an thermal coal stocks. Also, we discuss the horse-cocky coming out of China and lots more!

A few stocks discussed along with a slew to look at further.

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DHUnplugged Picks – Check Out Our Latest Stock Ideas

June 6, 2012

Each week on the DHUnplugged Podcast, John C. Dvorak and I spend some time discussing the most pertinent news items related to finance and politics. At the end of each show, we come up with some ideas for stocks that may see a move (up or down) that could be something to watch.

It is a game – a challenge of sorts, and we track the picks on a live Google Docs spreadsheet.

John has been looking at insider buying of late Read more

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