Great Sites for China Economic Data and News

November 21, 2012

There are several websites that supply data on China, but here are a few that you may want to bookmark.

For economic reports, China Realtime is a good place to Read more

China Import and Export Growth – Commodities Being Snapped Up, While Exports Slow

December 14, 2011

There are two ways to look at this. One is from the bearish vantage point that will look to at the import volumes as a reason for concern. The bullish team will focus in on the increase in the value of goods imported. Both have reasonable arguments, but the fact is that both prices and demand need to be considered.

While China has been tightening, their currency has been appreciating. Some of the weakness in the exports has something to do with this. But, the fact remains that overall, there is a good amount of growth by value and that is what will eventually flow into the global economy.

Yes, there is a slowdown that is apparent on a YOY basis. And yes again, there is more to come as the full force of the EuroZone austerity measures kick in. The real question will Read more

China Update: Flash PMI Above 50 – Stock Market Drops, But….

October 24, 2011

HSBC’s Flash PMI is a preliminary read on the manufacturing conditions within China. It is a survey of smaller businesses than the “official” report that will come later this week. There has been an altogether gloomy mood that has taken over the main equity indices of China as the Shanghai is down 17%, year-to-date and the Shenzhen is down 26%. The CSI 300 is Read more

China’s Flash PMI: In The Contraction Zone

August 22, 2011

China’s Flash PMI actually came out slightly better than expected with the release showed a 49.8 print. This is still below the key level of 50 which is the line between contraction and expansion. It is starting to become very clear to investors that the global slowdown is for real. The length and depth is the only piece that continues to be elusive.

Whether all of these weak economic readings signals a recession in Read more

A bad day, but what about tomorrow?

October 16, 2008

We know how the U.S. markets did and that was awful. Now, the futures are pointing to weakness on the open unless we see an amazing eco or earnings report. That is doubtful.

The Euro continent is going to get walloped as confidence is clearly broken in the face of a $2 trillion bailout rescue.

The Asian markets, after enjoying a nice uptick yesterday are in a foul mood.

Just an idea…if you are looking for some help in this market and it seems like nothing is working, take a break, read this and you should be flush with ideas on how to protect and profit on your investments.