Netflix (NFLX) Ripe for Takeover?

August 25, 2009

(Note: TDIMG portfolios added an initial position of NFLX today…)

Is Microsoft a potential suitor for Netflix? Read on…(not a new idea, but….)zune

If you have been following the recent Xbox progress by Microsoft (MSFT), you may have noticed that Mr. Softy is back looking to takeover your living room. Yes, the idea that a centralized media center, gaming system and communication device is back on the table. Surely you have heard of all this before and much of the idea has also been tried and failed miserably.

So, why is this time any different? Well, if for nothing else, Microsoft needs a win and a big win at that. Most know that the company that revolutionized the personal computer, internet and office technology has been playing a major game of catch up with Google and Apple. That does not sit right with management, and shareholders Read more