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Stocktoberfest 2012: Zagg (ZAGG)

Zagg was such a great story stock for a time. Then, it seemed to be shunned. EPS growth is erratic and that does not sit well with investors. Thanks to John H. for sending in this name.


Horowitz & Company’s proprietary Fundamental Scoring System (F|score) takes...

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Zagg (ZAGG): A Winner in The Tablet and Smartphone Battle(s)

Zagg (Zagg) is an interesting company. We have written about their opportunities as well as the product-line several times, starting when the stock was well below $10. (Previous articles HERE)

There have a been a few tough spots in the chart along the way and we have been in and out,...

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Zagg: Steve Jobs Comments Whacks The Shares

Zagg (Zagg) has been a great stock from a fundamental and technical (to a lesser amount) for some time. This is why it is important (vital actually) to keep abreast of the latest news.

Today, Apple announced a new magnetic cover that they will sell for use with the new iPad2....

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Zagg (ZAGG) – Moving Since CES

Zagg (ZAGG) has been moving steadily higher since last week’s CES. There was an announcement from the company regarding their latest smudge-proof screen protector that helped to create new excitement. Aside from that, the CES show really highlighted the push toward mobile and portable devices, the sweet spot for Zagg’s...

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