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Guest Post (DAS) : Is Cyprus More Important Than You Think?

Satyajit Das has been on the TDI Podcast many times and is a listener favorite. He brings a common sense approach to his work along with an impressive resume. Das is an avid researcher and writer and just published a very compelling piece related to the problems in Cyprus. (Links...

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TDI Podcast: Das is Back and Really On His Game (Episode #304)

Guests:   Satyajiy Das is back by popular demand. We get more emails from listeners requesting Das than you can believe. Maybe it is his factual accounts of what is really going on behind the scenes in Europe that has us all listening to his advice. On this episode, we...

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TDI Podcast: VIX Surges, Apple (AAPL) Climax and Das On Europe (#250)

Guest: Satyajiy Das brings some important perspective on the EuroZone progress as well as the world economic condition. In this episode we also discuss the market’s worst weekly decline for 2012, Apple’s (AAPL) climax top, the surging VIX. Some of the recent unrest in the Middle East is beginning to...

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