TDI Podcast: This Will Blow Your Mind (#414)

May 24, 2015

Guest: Paul Godsmark, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence discusses the world with automated (driver-less) vehicles. The implications are astounding. We also take a look at companies that may benefit from breakthroughs in this industry, some of the recent economic reports and a summation of this earnings season.

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TDI Podcast: Michael Covel Talks Turtles and Trends (#413)

May 17, 2015

Michael Covel talks about how to follow the trend and his experience with the turtle traders. We discuss the importance of trend over any other research as well as how to ensure that your emotions don’t get the best of you.

In this episode we also cover the potential for a resolution this week in regards to Greece, who holds the debt and why an exit has low probability.

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TDI Podcast: A Hail Mary Stick Save – And Oil Patch Consolidations (#412)

May 11, 2015

Some of the recent market trends are explored in this episode. After a roller coaster week, markets were able to get close to highs again after the official jobs report. We take a look at some of the take-aways from that as well as some of the interesting news items of the week.

YELP! Can we get a Stick Save? Listen as we get to the bottom of the recent announcement of a potential sale of the company. Get prepared for next week as we will see the reaction from the latest slowing economic data-points out of China that are being met with more stimulative actions from the government. A few stocks we have our eyes on and plenty of other investing ideas in this show… Read more


Curzio: “Andrew Horowitz says it’s Time To Be Cautious”

May 8, 2015

On this week’s Wall Street Unplugged Podcast, I spoke with Frank Curzio on several topics including the markets, economy and a few new ideas.

I said that investors should be cautious buying stocks as earnings growth is starting to slow. I also shares my favorite areas to put cash as interest rates rise.

I then recommend a few of my favorite ideas including oil services stocks, resource stocks and one under-the radar transportation name that’s about to see a surge in business.

We both discuss areas to avoid including several social media names, a new burger company that just became public and one country that will see a huge slowdown in growth.



TDI Podcast: Great News From Benzinga (#411)

May 3, 2015

Guest: Jason Raznick and Andrew discuss how to garner high quality information as we continue to bring some of the best investing tools available. Quality and quantity are brought together within this terrific platform from Benzinga to ensure investors are in the know.

In this epside we also discuss several questions from listeners and market moving news. Social Media stocks imploding, economics that will move markets – All discussed to get you better prepared and profitable.

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