TDI Podcast: Das on The “Panglossian” World, Oil Opportunities (#397)

January 25, 2015

What is going on with Central Bankers? They must all be drinking from the same teacup. In this episode we take a look at some opportunities in the oil patch as well as the fallout from the ECB’s “QE” program. Great stuff !



tomwheelwrightTom Wheelwright
CPA and CEO of ProVision Wealth, is a leading tax and wealth expert,
speaker, published author of  Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes (Rich Dad Advisors) on partnerships and corporation tax strategies, and a Rich Dad Advisor/Speaker for Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. Donald Trump selected Tom to contribute to his Wealth Builders Program, calling Tom “the best of the best.” He is best known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes. He is also the Founder of WealthStrategyU, and has been featured in Accounting Today, Deseret News National, and CEO Blog Nation, and as a guest on the Real Estate Guys Radio Show and Money Radio 1510 Business for Breakfast.


Satyajit Das has worked in financial derivatives, risk management, and capital markets for over 30+ years.

Since 1994, Mr. Das has acted as a consultant to financial institutions and corporations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Previously, between 1977 and 1994, Mr. Das worked on the ‘sell side’ (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citicorp Investment Bank and Merrill Lynch) and the ‘buy side’ (Treasurer of the TNT Group, an Australian based international transport and logistics company).

Das is the author of a number of key reference works on derivatives and risk management. His works include Swaps/ Financial Derivatives Library – Third Edition (2005, John Wiley & Sons) (a 4 volume 4,200 page reference work for practitioners on derivatives) and Credit Derivatives, CDOs and Structured Credit Products –Third Edition (2005, John Wiley & Sons). He is the author of Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives (2006, FT-Prentice Hall), an insider’s account of derivatives trading and the financial products business filled with black humor and satire. The book has been described by the Financial Times, London as ” fascinating reading … explaining not only the high-minded theory behind the business and its various products but the sometimes sordid reality of the industry”.



TDI Podcast: Dead Cat Bounce or “V”? (#396)

January 18, 2015

In this episode we discuss the chaos in the currency markets as well as the potential change of trend for Oil. Markets down 3 weeks now but ended this week firmer into a long weekend. What did the Swiss National Bank Know?

Also, what we are doing with our GoPro (GPRO) short position, Gold (GLD) and Oil…

Stocks, markets and more… Listen in

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DHUnplugged #252: A Really Really Stupid Idea

January 14, 2015

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Webvan meets Uber  – how is this plan going to work? Moreover, Instacart just got a $220 million capital infusion… Really? We discuss this as well as the important news of the week.

Market action, stocks along with some of the business news that will shape the upcoming investing landscape.

stupid idea

TDI Podcast: Back To The Basics With Horowitz & Son (Episode 395)

January 11, 2015

In this episode we step back and look at the very basics of investing in the stock market. We answer the questions of: What is the stock market? How to invest? What makes up an index? And much more… 

Our special guest for this episode is Brett Horowitz (my son) who will bring us some questions that may help us better understand the basics of markets and investing.

We also look at oil, gold, the recent employment report and much more…Listen in

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DHUnplugged #251: Oil to $40, $30, $20 or Back to $75?

January 7, 2015

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India is tracking toilet use and oil is skidding toward zero – both ridiculous ideas in their own right. In this episode, we discuss the names that are poised to pop and the positions that we are removing from our “pick list” from 2014.

Uber is under siege in South Africa, bond yields are plummeting – what else can go wrong?


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