TDI Podcast: Investment Worthy Trends (#439)

November 22, 2015

Last week’s market rally came at a time that there was the potential for a panic sell-off. Rather amazing to see and we discuss the drivers for the move.

There is still a concern over the underlying breadth of markets and some of the statistics that we share in this episode should help us to understand more about the current trend. Also, we focus on the process of finding trends that may be investment worthy. Read more


TDI Podcast: A Game Plan for a Market Crisis (#438)

November 15, 2015

With the markets melting down at the end of last week, the potential for further fallout needs to be considered. Even more concerning is how markets will react to the the recent terrorist activity in France.

In this episode we prepare for the worst and discuss hedging strategies that are easy to implement. Read more


TDI Podcast: Beyond The Employment Blowout (#437)

November 8, 2015

The employment numbers stunned analysts. Maybe that should teach us to ignore analysts! China posted horrendous economic data again and this is become more worrisome by the day.

We discuss the hot and not-so hot sectors of the S&P 500 and what areas around the world may have investors interested.

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TDI Podcast: The Great Flip-Flop (#436)

November 1, 2015

In this episode we take a look at October’s rally to see if there is more room to move higher.  We also learn more about China’s latest policies and their economy.

Of course we need to step back and discuss some of the highlights from last week’s Republican debate – what was accomplished, who looks to be gaining strength and the fallout over the moderators.

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TDI Podcast: The Inside Scoop on Automated Investing (#435)

October 25, 2015

Guest, Jon Stein, CEO and founder of Betterment explains the workings and benefits of automated investing – aka Robo-advice. We look at the target customer, details of how the process works and other areas of this fast growing business segment.

Oprah’s recent buy into Weight Watchers (WTW) provides for an interesting opportunity that may be emerging.

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