TDI Podcast: The Failing Wealth Effect, Tesla Ready for a Move (#360)

April 20, 2014

The wealth effect is starting to show little benefit to spending. Looking at spending without the Wealth Effect benefits, we are seeing a rather bleak outlook for spending which makes up a rather large piece of the overall U.S. economic activity.

Tesla (TSLA) is starting to sell its all-electric cars in China – will there be a bounce for the shares that have been under pressure recently? Read more


TDI Podcast: Extreme Money With Das (#358)

April 6, 2014

We last spoke to our guest Satyajit Das in December and at that time we had a conversation about the emerging problems in the emerging nations. The USD was rising and what we should expect. Now we discuss the next areas of concern, the potential for QE in Europe and a few not so often discussed items that need our attention. Read more


TDI Podcast: Rotten IPOs and How To Weather The Coming Storm (#357)

March 30, 2014

In this episode we look at the warnings signs that the market is giving us. Some of the MOMO names are clearly being sold along with last year’s winners. The rotation is becoming more apparent and we go through how that may play out. Lots of good investment disciplines discussed in this episode. Read more


TDI Podcast: Jack Schwager’s Little Book (#356)

March 23, 2014

Guest: Jack Schwager tells us some of the important lessons that he learns from top traders. His latest book is a delight and a great way for anyone looking to understand the ways of successful investing from the top traders of our time. We also give an update and opinion on the stocks that were requested by listeners in this episode.


Read more


TDI Podcast – Wiedemer’s Fake Recovery and The Great Tuna/Gold Debate (#355)

March 16, 2014

Guest: Robert Wiedemer brings us some very interesting thoughts on why this is a “fake” recovery. Fake? Yup – that is what he says. We spar on that for a bit and then get down to the next aftershock from his perspective. Overall Mr. Wiedemer is a bit happier with the thought of other assets, aside from stocks, moving forward.

We also spend some time looking at the recent change in sentiment as well as the potential for further fallout from the unrest in the Russian region.

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