TDIMG Strategy FAQ


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TDI Managed Growth Strategy

Is this investment a mutual fund or hedge fund?

No. The TDIMG Strategy is an individually managed account program. Your investments and assets are not commingled with other clients. Each account is owned directly by you, the client and Horowitz & Company has limited discretion on the account for trading/investing. Accounts are held at Interactive Brokers and detailed information is accessible through their website. Interactive Brokers will provide all statements and confirmations of transactions directly to clients.

Can I use my account at another broker (Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade) to invest in the TDIMG Strategy?

No. At this time,  The TDIMG Strategy is managed exclusively through your account held at Interactive Brokers.

Will my portfolio immediately match all of the other portfolio investments in the TDIMG Strategy?

It might or it might not.  Andrew will only invest your account in the current positions if it makes sense at the time of investment. Eventually though, your portfolio will match the model that we have for the strategy. The timing will depend on many factors. In addition, note that IRAs are not able to "short" individual positions.

Will I be able to speak with Andrew directly?

As a policy, all new investors will have a one-on-one conference call with Andrew to determine suitability and discuss risk and other factors related to the TDIMG strategy. Andrew is also available to answer any questions you may have related to the strategy.

How long has Andrew been managing money?

Andrew has been managing money since the late 1980s.

Who manages the TDIMG Strategy/portfolios on a day to day basis?

Andrew manages the strategy with the help of supporting individuals that provide administration and research.

How many investors does the TDIMG Strategy currently have and will the Strategy close to new investors at any point?

As of December 2010, the TDIMG Strategy currently has over 200+ investors/clients.  The Strategy may close to new investors some time in the future, but the exact date has yet to be determined.

Is performance of other portfolios you manage available for me to review?

No.  All of our other portfolio strategies may be customized for each client and are not available for review. These are the Global Allocation Strategies and generally have a $500,000 minimum initial investment. For more information, please contact us.

Is performance available for me to review?

Performance is available to clients of the strategy. More information and clarification can be obtained by contacting us. email: phone: 954-349-0800

How long has the TDI Managed Growth Strategy been active?

The Strategy has been active since July 1, 2008.

What is the minimum investment and can it be spread over multiple accounts?

The minimum investment is $50,000 for each account opened for the TDIMG Strategy. Other strategies managed by Horowitz & Company have a suggested $500,000 minimum per relationship.

Will Andrew be trading my account or will he giving me recommendations on what to trade?

Andrew/Horowitz & Company does all of the trading directly through your account on a limited discretionary basis. All transactions are approved/directed by Andrew.

Are there any restrictions on depositing or withdrawing funds from my account?

Remember, all accounts are held by you, directly at Interactive Brokers. You can deposit or withdraw funds as needed, however this account should not intended to be used as a checking account.

Does the TDIMG Strategy use margin for IRA accounts?

For IRAs we do not use traditional margin or individual short positions. Through Interactive Brokers are able to use covered options and other hedging strategies through "IRA Margin." Investments through IRAs should in no way create a conflict with the IRA status or tax requirements.

Do the approximate returns discussed account for expenses? The 2% management, trading costs? Also is there an estimated after tax return?

No. The 14% that you may have seen in the MSN Strategy Lab is gross as we had to estimate through a back-testing scenario. Remember, we wanted to come up with a reasonable way to track our recommendations before the strategy was implemented and this accounts for most of the positions, not actual trading that we had listed as buy/sell/short ideas on the blog before the strategy was actually in effect. If we were actually trading, we would have had several downside risk measures and timing differentials. Therefore, this is only a representation if all investment were done by the writings/ideas on the blog that clearly pointed to a opinion on a position. We did not always alert for sales as that is not the blog’s purpose and that should be taken into consideration. Please note that this is all for illustrative purposes only and past performance is in no way indicative of actual or future results. In no way are we suggesting that the back-testing will have any ability to provide expectations of the future. In addition, we may continually change and update our strategy and that could provide for a much different outcome. There is risk of loss and even a total loss of investment and this strategy should only be considered by investors with a high risk tolerance.