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The Disciplined Investor
blog and podcasts give investment advice for investors of all levels, and they will help YOU take control of your financial situation. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor looking to broaden your horizons and keep up with the ever-changing markets, this blog and podcast will give you tips always leading you to smart and lucrative investments.Andrew Horowitz

About Andrew

Andrew is the President and Founder of Horowitz & Company, a Registered Investment Advisor. He has been managing money for individual and corporate clients since the late 1980’s and has taken his disciplines derived from decades of experience in financial and investment management to create a unique system of investment strategies. Together, these provide a comprehensive methodology for establishing results oriented, individualized portfolios. Andrew combines high-tech with hands-on expertise to help create the kind of well balanced portfolio needed in today’s complex financial world.

The Disciplines

The ultimate goal is to uncover potentially profitable investments through the disciplines of “QuantaTechnaFunda”. Stocks, Funds, ETFs and Options are all potential investments that may be included in a portfolio based on a Top-Down then Bottom-Up process.

Where to find…

Beyond his daily work as a professional money manager, Andrew writes for this blog and is also the host of The Disciplined Investor Podcast, which is Top 10 iTunes and featured on several podcast directories. His blog and podcast provides advice for investors of all levels with the goal of helping individuals take control of their financial situation by teaching from the vantage point of a pro trader and investor. In addition, Andrew has written for AOL Finance, SeekingAlpha and MSN Money.

Sighted and Seen

Andrew has been featured and is regularly quoted in media including: CNBC, Bloomberg, CBS Marketwatch, The New York Times, Seeking Alpha, Financial Planning Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Reuters, FoxNews, SunSentinel, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, Palm Beach Post, NPR, Chiropractic Economics among others.

The Book

In November 2007, Andrew’s book titled: The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success was released and is now available online and in bookstores. Two years later The Winning Investor was published.

The Family

Andrew lives with his wife Jill and their three amazing children, Lauren, Erica and Brett in Weston, Florida.

Book: The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

Podcasts: The Disciplined Investor Podcast (iTunes Featured!) and DHUnplugged


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