TDI Podcast: Bloomberg’s Cady North and Trading the Miners (#320)

June 30, 2013

Guest: Cady North of , Bloomberg Markets brings us the latest on the financial regulatory environment and what is being done , and what is not. In this episode we also discuss the gold miners, sector rotation, economics as well as some stocks that are on the move.

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TDI Podcast: A Fed Surprises and a Market Dive (#319)

June 27, 2013

Markets are breaking down as there is no safe haven. Bonds fell, metals dropped and stocks swooned. What is the next plan of action from here? We update the KRI Index as well as several stocks to keep a watch on. Gold is in focus and the idea that ETFs are losing assets could cause more problems moving forward.

We are also looking at the Economic Surprise Index and how the reversion to the mean trade may be something important to watch for.



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TriggerPoint Research Equities: Stocks Poised to Drop!

June 26, 2013

Market volatility has increased over the last few weeks which could allow for greater risk to the downside.  Catalysts for the movement continue to be centered around Fed action, longer-term bonds and economic data.  However, sectors rotate, industries become out of favor and opportunities arise from these changes.

Using TriggerPoint Research’s proprietary algorithm we have identified some of those stocks with the potential to breakdown.  While they have not quite hit that point, these stocks are on our watch-list for a TPR Equity ALERT!

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Break Down Setups

5-20-2013 3-18-13 PM

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Symbol(s): CLR, DECK, ELLI, ESI, GLNG, HAS, LO, MUR, NTAP, NUS, NVDA, PDCO, POM, SD, SHLD in @TriggerTrading, Setups

TPR Setups – Video Playlist Of What To Watch

June 26, 2013

We have been providing some regular updates of stocks that are in setup mode in video format. These show some of the background of how the TriggerPoint Research ALERTS! are formed. Make sure to subscribe to the channel… Read more

High Yield Stock Screen – Impressive Yields

June 25, 2013

We thought that a look into those stocks with above average yield would be in order. For this screen, we were looking for companies that have a price/book below average for their sector, a low default potential and other fundamental factors.

This is the high yield category winners. Of course these are higher risk than some of the “blue chips” but offer much higher yield. Read more

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