Can This Be True? I Love It…No More Commercials….

November 30, 2011

The headline: China Will Ban Commercials During TV Dramas as Control of Media Tightened.

Okay, I am not in favor of censorship either… But the commercials these days are making watching television close to impossible. My family tried to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but we Read more

Black Friday Frenzy Rebuffed – Ritholtz Puts Things Right

November 30, 2011

How can they tell what the final numbers are, before the day ends? Have you pondered that question since survey results are often released before Black Friday comes to a close? Supposedly, there was a massive increase in sales (16%++) as compared to last year – we are told (or lead to believe).

Does that make any sense to anyone? Housing prices are in the dumps, unemployment is close to its worst levels, consumers are de-leveraging, confidence is down and the outlook for the global economy is not too rosy. Yet somehow, it was one of the best Read more

Home Prices – Still Dreary (Even Though Some Media Outlets Saw Silver Linings)

November 30, 2011

When the Case-Shiller Housing Price index was released on Tuesday morning, there was  very clear picture that was once again confirmed about the housing market: Prices are moribund and nothing that the FED has done has helped.

Yet, some of the media chose (as they often do) to find the one piece of information that is positive within the overwhelming negative. So, what are we to do but to listen with one ear and dig down for the real story in order to find the information that we need.

Here is a chart of the price of a house over time that reflects how much money has been lost Read more

Post Black Friday – Consumer Sector Returns

November 29, 2011

It was an impressive showing. Consumer related stocks had one heck of a run as the reports rolled in showing that shoppers spent much more than anticipated. Whether or not that will pass through to the bottom line is another story Read more

While We Were Not Watching…The Benefits of Price Alerts and Warnings

November 28, 2011

The great upswing of the markets on news of better than expected holiday shopping created enough of a diversion to almost have us forget about the risk factors over in Europe.

That is exactly what price alerts were made for! The alert came in close to 12pm that the Euro 3M basis Swap cracked -150. Recall that we have been writing about this as an important measure of liquidity.  This level is Read more

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