Links and Reading for May 31st

May 31, 2011

Some of the more interesting and important items for May 31st :

The Changing Complexion of the U.S. Dollar – Be On Alert

May 30, 2011

The U.S. dollar is hated; it is obvious and certainly with good reason. But, when the real trouble starts…we know where the safety trade is located.

While China is diversifying their assets, they are also creating losses for their U.S. holdings. One of these days, there will undoubtedly be a short covering that will Read more

Currency Valuations: Charting Which is Under/Over Valued….

May 30, 2011

Check out the relative valuations. The U.S. dollar is well undervalued and the Yen overvalued. At least using this calculation…

The BOE states: An effective exchange rate is a measure of the value of a currency against a `basket’ of other currencies, relative to a base date. It is calculated as a weighted geometric average of the exchange rates, expressed in the form of an index. The effective exchange rate indices for sterling and other currencies Read more

TDI Podcast 214: Market Wizards with Jack Schwager

May 29, 2011

Guest: Jack Schwager, author of one of the best book series in which he interviews market legends and other successful investors comes by to share some of his findings. It is always interesting to hear about the different strategies and ways the best investors continue to profit. This episode starts with a discussion about the current market conditions, recent (awful) economic backdrop and outlook.

Read more


Links and Reading for May 29th

May 29, 2011

Some of the more interesting and important items for May 29th :

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