The 15 HOTTEST Read on TDI This Week

April 12, 2010 11:20 am

For the Week of April 5 -9, 2010 . The week’s most read stories on The Disciplined – in order of popularity. Want it faster? You can get instant updates via Twitter. Follow @andrewhorowitz. andrew_on_twitter

1. TDI Podcast 155: Rob Parenteau, A Greek Tragedy and More…
2. StockCharts: Chart Watcher Says SPY Stalls at Channel Trendline
3. Indicators We Are Watching: Bulls In Charge / Volume Soft
4. Want a Sneak Peek At The Future of Greece?
5. DHUnplugged #59: Why is the Market Skyrocketing?
6. How Likely is a Greece Default?
7. Links and Reading for April 3rd
8. TDI Podcast 154: John Mauldin – What Do We Tell Our Kids?
9. Indicators We Are Watching – Bank Index Flashes Gravestone Doji
10. Links and Reading for April 6th
11. The 15 Hottest Reads on TDI This Week
12. TDI Managed Growth Strategy
13. The Winning Investor: What is Capitalization?
14. John Mauldin – Great Guest, Must Listen to This….
15. ETF Death by Contango
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