Links and Reading for December 29th

December 29, 2009

Some of the more interesting and important items for December 29th :

Durable Goods – Reading the Finer Print

December 28, 2009

The Durable goods orders report was headlined at a plus 0.2%, as opposed to expectations for a rise of 0.5%. But, when we strip out transportation, the 2.9% increase was far better than the 1.0% economists had anticipated.

While the total durables were disappointing, in an environment that continues to look for silver linings in any report, this is seen as a good number. AND, with all due respect, it may actually be. Read more

TDI Podcast 141 – Holiday Treats: The Profit Process of “QFT”

December 27, 2009

Guest: Kevin Hoffmann and Andrew discuss QuantaFundaTechna (QFT) and how to pinpoint stocks that may outperform. This episode is the first in a two part series that focuses on the Quantitative, Fundamental, Technical (Charting) aspects of investing. RSI, MACD and other indicators are discussed in depth as well as ratios and how to screen for profit opportunities.




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___ Read more


Sunday Fun: Jimmy Fallon Slow-Jams AIG News

December 27, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel is in the mood for some slow-jammin’.

Singin’ ’bout AIG; big bonuses and the govy payback….

“This story ignites a passion in me… and you knows what it means when a news story ignites my passion…” and then they moves right to the funny Slow Jam of Read more

UMich/ABC – Confidence Numbers Disappoint

December 24, 2009

The University of Michigan reported their final numbers for the the month of November and adjusted downward. The expectation was for 73.8, slightly higher than the month prior. Yet it came in at a disappointing 72.5.

Revisions have been slipping on many economic indicators. Why? Well, we are not sure, but lets chalk it up to rounding issues… for now.

The ABC poll was also released on Tuesday. It was better than last month, but continues to show a weak confidence reading.

Note: This particular series we do not consider to be significant, but interesting none the less.


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