Profitable Resolutions for the New Year

December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

It seems that the commitment made to resolutions each New Year is such a common pastime that the United States government actually has a web page dedicated to the “Top New Year’s Resolutions.” According to the “government-made-easy” site (, there are a dozen or so popular resolutions that we seem to revisit year after year. This year, think about taking those same resolutions and applying them to your investments and finances. Here are a few ideas for The Disciplined Investor:

Lose Weight – Put your investment portfolio on a diet! In other words, get rid of the fat and keep it off! Look carefully through the list of your investments. Do you have stragglers that you are keeping just because they have been there for years? There is no better way to clean up AND rebalance a portfolio than getting rid of non-performing positions. Make a list of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that do not seem to meet your investment objectives. Be critical and maybe even a bit brutal and cut out the unnecessary load.

Pay Off Debt – Be careful not to over-borrow. While margin can be utilized for good reason, it is not appropriate for most investors. Make sure that your accounts are free from margin debt and commit to paying down any outstanding loans. Close positions that have been bought on borrowed money. If you have been accessing the margin features of your brokerage accounts to pay down bills…DON’T!

Save Money – It is time to stop paying high commissions and fees. There is no reason for anyone to be paying the high costs associated with front- or back-end loaded mutual funds. Of course, even with no-load funds, the managers Read more

TDI Podcast 38: The BESPy AWARDS Part 2!

December 20, 2007

AWARDS SHOW! The Disciplined Investor’s 1st Annual BESPy Awards – 2007

The First Annual BESPy awards. The BESPy recognizes the “Top” BLOGS, EDUCATION, SOFTWARE and PODCASTS dedicated to Business and Finance for the modern investor. There are thousands of financial sites, blogs and podcasts available for the Disciplined Investor, and we are looking for the cream of the crop.

The BESPy Award Podcast“An ALL-STAR LINEUP!” The show has many of the superstars from the world of modern finance, including, Aaron Task, Eric Savitz, Barry Ritholtz, Gal Arev, Bill Cara, Flexo Smith, Fausto Pugliese and many more! Listen to find out who takes the BESPy Award for each category.

The BESPy Awards are broken down into four main categories – Blogs, Education, Sites/Software and Podcasts, and further divided as follows:

BLOGS – Savings and Budgeting, The Word of Finance, Productivity, Life and Marketing, Behavioral Finance, Investment Wiki, All In One Blog/Research, Tradesharing, Market Stats and Research, Options, Stock Tips, Forex Trading and Currency, Technology, Technical Analysis, Market Commentary and Financial Fun and Foley

EDUCATION – General, Day Trading

SITES (and Software) – Charting, Stock Screening, Options, Economics, Market/News Tracking, RSS Readers/Mashups, Investment Blog of Blogs, Stock Mash Up/Message Boards, Portfolio Tracking, Market and News Services, Best Overall Sites for Research

PODCASTS – Daily Market Wrap, Daily Investment News, Money/Finance, Weekly Magazine

For a complete list of all of award winners, CLICK.




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South Florida Biz Journal Focus

December 10, 2007

South Florida Zusiness Journal

Podcasts get the word out ……

In March, as Andrew Horowitz was preparing to publish his book, “The Disciplined Investor,” the financial planner was considering ways to promote its arrival.

Already a savvy self-promoter among friends, peers and the media, he wanted to take his guide to investment strategies to the masses. If only he could speak more widely about it, he thought.

Today, Horowitz does just that with podcast. The audio show is recorded in about 10 days and uploaded to the Internet. A link is sent to some 3,500 subscribers, and it’s downloaded about 50,000 times a month, he said, making it among the top business and financial planning downloads on iTunes.

“It’s like a radio show, but it’s directed to a clear and defined audience,” said Horowitz, who has recorded and uploaded 46 podcasts from the desk at his Weston office.

Podcasting takes the spoken word to the mass market. Derived from the popularity of the iPod and other personal MP3 audio players, podcasting enables listeners to record and post to the Internet stories, marketing messages and other content. Most are offered as free downloads from such services as iTunes,, Zune and others.

Not just for small business

It’s not just for small business. Carnival Cruise Lines, which offers Web content and blogs supporting its initiative, is working with Fort Lauderdale marketing shop Avenue A | Razorfish to offer a podcast as part of its overall “social media” content offerings. Montero Consulting, a virtual office and telework consulting firm in Delray Beach, offers the Anywhere Office podcast. Read more

TDI Podcast 37: BESPy Awards Part 1

December 8, 2007

Guest: Forbes Editor – Matt Schifrin. The Disciplined Investor’s First Annual BESPy Awards Part 1 – Blogs, Education, Software and Podcasts are reviewed. InBespy Award Part 1, we talk with Matt about Forbes’ Best of Web list. Next week we go “live” to the BESPy Awards. Stay tuned to find out who wins a coveted TDI BESPy. Focusing on investments and finance, the categories include: Blogs, Education, Software and Podcasts.

Matt SchifrinMatthew Schifrin is vice president and editor of Forbes Newsletter Group and Editor of’s Personal Finance Channel. Schifrin is also a Senior Editor at Forbes Magazine and a 23-year veteran of Forbes. During his career at Forbes he spent time as an investigative feature writer covering financial services and corporate strategies. Schifrin has also been editor of Forbes stock market column, now called Makers & Breakers. In 1999 Schifrin launched and edited Forbes Best of the Web, which has reviewed and rated thousands of Web sites. As Vice President & Editor of Forbes Newsletters, Schifrin manages over 35 premium investment newsletters published and marketed via Forbes including Forbes/Wolfe Emerging Tech Report, Forbes ETF Advisor, The Prudent Speculator, Forbes International Investment Report, Forbes Wireless Stock Watch and Forbes Growth Investor.

As editor of’s Personal Finance channel he overseas the site’s coverage on a wide range of topics from mutual funds to retirement planning, taxes and philanthropy. Schifrin has appeared numerous times on Forbes on Fox, CNBC and Bloomberg Radio. Schifrin is a graduate of Cornell University. He lives in Montclair, NJ with his wife and two children.

Forbes Best of Web

Sites and Information Discussed in this Episode: Marketocracy ,,, Investopedia, MSN Money,,, Download the Forbes Best of Web (pdf)

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