TDI Podcast 17: From Seat 3A

June 29, 2007

From Seat 3A on the way to Russia. Review of CROX trade (OH YEAH), an idea for profiting from Apple iPhone. Blackrock IPO went south, no kidding..was only setup to benefit the insiders anyway. We discuss the opportunities in Northern Europe. Chatting from 35,000 above the Atlantic.

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Apple (AAPL) is a short idea into the release of the iPhone. Buys some puts?

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Here are the funds that are the top in the European Sector:

Top Europe Funds1

Top Europe Funds2


To Russia with My Love

June 28, 2007

Each summer, Jill (my wonderful wife) and I send the kids off to camp and the house becomes relatively quiet except for the echoes of keyboards clicking and questions concerning dining choices. We have a wonderful time getting to know each other again as we have time to be with each other without the many interruptions from homework questions and the usual parental-taxi-service requirements.

Somewhere between the camp send-off and cringing at the back to school advertisements, we find a way to take off to some wonderful places. Sometimes it is within the 52 states, but more often than not it is a European or Asian location.

To Russia with My LoveSince I am an avid photographer and she is an tireless traveler, we spend time at some of the most amazing places this world has to offer. She leads and I follow along with my camera(s) looking for something spectacular to shoot. In doing so, I have made it a practice to include my friends, family and anyone else who wants to “travel with us”. No, no one stows away, but rather they tag along…virtually. As we travel, I post the daily events and pictures to a site that I usually design.

For years we have been doing this and have a nice collection of travelogs. This year though, I will be trying a different way of doing things with the hope of creating a more interactive experience for our traveling companions. From Russia to Norway and on to Copenhagen and Belgium, I will be updating our experience on a special travel site, complete with maps, pictures and videos as well as some commentary. You can also help us by commenting on the trip at the travelog site. (Actually it is encouraged)

I will also be recording the next podcast en route. So if you want to hear about the European markets and the opportunities for investments that I see from 35,000 feet, tune in to The Disciplined Investor Podcast. (this should be posted on Saturday, June 30th here)

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Mutual Funds for Uncertain Times

June 26, 2007

As the market moves higher, it is difficult to continually commit money to new investments. Concern over the potential for a market fall is ever present and this is when a select group of mutual funds may make sense. In total they are called Market-Neutral funds. Each will approach the strategy differently, but overall the goal is to have exposure to markets (Usually the S&P 500 index) and at the same time, hedge the portfolio to maintain a low risk profile.

Instead of trying to time the markets, these allow for Read more

Best Buy Apple

June 26, 2007

For a couple of years now, Apple (AAPL) and Best Buy (BBY) have been rumored to be getting more friendly. Back in 2006, there was discussion about the chance for Apple to enter into an agreements and start selling products within the Best Buy stores which never panned out.

Apple had preferred to sell its products through their online and retail stores as well as by the retail channel of Compusa. For whatever reason, the Best Buy relationship never seemed to move ahead. ow things may change. Behind the scenes, there has been some movement of late that should bring Apple and Best Buy closer together.

Best Buy and AppleStore employees in Florida Best Buy locations are getting ready for a a new and expanded product line. Several employees (in separate conversations) have confirmed that over 200 stores will be see specific remodeling to include Apple mini stores within the Best Buy stores at key US locations. Best Buy has begun training for the floor salespeople on the Apple product line, which is anticipated to be seen by October 2007.

The design is said to be a special section within each of the initial Best Buy stores that will have a separate Apple section that will have a look and feel o the Apple brand. Specialist from Apple (Genius bars?) will have a permanent placement in each store to help with any product questions that are beyond the Best Buy employee’s range.

What does this mean to each of these companies? For Apple, it has been estimated Read more

TDI Podcast 15: Day Trading University

June 23, 2007

Day Trading Basics – FREE TRADING COURSE OFFER. Investing is a Game, Trading is a Job. Fausto Puglises President and Founder of CyberTrading University was an original “SOES Bandit”.

What is best way to trade and how can individuals trade and make money from Day Trading? A history of the trading systems and how it evolved into what it is today. He is teaching the “$200 per-day trader”.

“The reason you are here is to make a day’s pay”..Fausto Pugliese

Fausto gives away free trading system for listeners of The Disciplined Investor Podcast. Cyber Trading University…..

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Stocks metioned: Apple (AAPL), AT&T (T)


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