The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 7

April 28, 2007

Interview with Howard Lindzon, Hedge fund Manager and WallStrip founder. An great look into the Video Podcast that educates and explores stocks with a much different style than you are used to. Funny, provocative and definitely worth while.

WallStripThe parodies of Mad Money’s, Jim Cramer and Money “Guru” Suze Orman are side-busting hilarious. Each episode covers a different idea that Howard has researched and is part of the portfolios for his clients. I was so entertained, that I asked Howard to share on the TDI Podcast….He is definitely a person that puts his money where his mouth is. Howard explains his investment process and the unusual technique of buying stocks that are at all time highs.

In this episode, we talk about the reasons he founded this unique enterprise and style and his outlook for the future of the medium. He also explains his strategy for making money within his hedge fund as well as a few of the stocks that he has reviewed in previous and upcoming WallStrip episodes.

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007

Picks and Strategy. Trivia Giveaway and Update on Competition

Coming up Next week: Howard Lindson:, Larry Kudlow, CNBC Kudlow and Company, The Anatomy of a Day Trade.

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It is all in the Crease – A Rant on the Dollar’s Fall

April 25, 2007

There are those newspapers that are easily folded and have crisp edges that seem to be meant for reading and then there are those that that you need to fight with as you turn the pages. Those are usually the same type that need to turn sideways and stretch and bend when you are reading and end up in fat piles rather than neat crisply folded stacks that are ready to be passed on to the next reader. The latter is also the kind of paper that is usually meant for browsing rather than intensive studying. It definitely has something to do with the crease.

I was perusing the bulkier of the two this weekend and came across an entire page of article vignettes that caught my attention and felt a rant was justified. The first I read was concerning the newest deficit enhancer proposed by our “clearly thinking” military leaders. The potential for an extended surge with additional troops in Iraq is being discussed. Then, there was text on the same page about the lack of traction for the housing market.

At the same time, the article that followed discussed a few very troubling statistics showing that the dollar is at an all time low against the English Pound and a 2-year low compared to the Euro. Some of this is due to the terrible spending habits of our country. Read more

TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

Update on Challenge and Picks. Last Pick up 8% in 2 days. Selling and Buying for Tuesday 4/24/27.

Overall, we are still in the Top 1% from following a consistent strategy of utilizing core disciplines of Fundamental and Technical Analysis. In addition, throw in a dash of behavioral Finance, and we have had a good deal of success. The (ALTR) trade brought in a total of $115,000 of profits in the CNBC Portfolio, bringing us up to approximately $1,600,000. Today’s recommendation is one that has potential as it is in a sector that usually sees a high degree of volatility. Today we sold the entire position at the close of the market. See more for today’s pick (ILMN) …

ILMN is the pick for today.

ILMN ChartListen to Podcast and follow along with the Chart to learn more about (ILMN)

(Click image to view chart)

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(Horowitz & Company clients do not hold a position in ILMN as of this writing)


TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 20, 2007

April 20, 2007

CNBC Competition: Stocks to BUY for Friday along with a review of the week. A short course in Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The week was probably one of the worst we have had as most positions that were closed showed slight losses. Fortunately, our thorough research allowed for a limited downside since it is important to watch the loss potential even as this is a “swing for the fence” investment approach. Temped by Logitech (LOGI) on Wednesday but concerned about their webcam business sector helped to keep us keep clear. Amazingly, the earning release specifically pointed to a surprising slow down in that sector held down earnings. The stock took a 10% hit on Thursday.

Still, the buys of (IGT) (STX) and (BK) were of no help. The week through Friday shows a 1.0% loss for the portfolio and the (CREE) purchase on Thursday does not look like it is going to be a big help to the performance either. One important note: the positions that were bought without a great deal of conviction all had reduced allocations. This helped the portfolio stay in the top 1% of the 978,302 registered contestants. The lesson to be learned here is to make sure that your portfolio never gets away from you. Make sure to have good entry and exit plan and stay convicted to you disciplines.

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