The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 5

March 30, 2007

Episode 5 – The Future of Radio with guest Brian Freeman. What will happen to XM and SIRI? Are we looking towards internet radio in our cars?

How podcasts and other on-demand are shaping things to come. Guest Brian Freeman, an industry expert for over 30 years will help us make sense out of this and gives us a look back and look ahead for the radio industry. We talk about (SIRI) , (XMSR) as well as some of the industry conglomarates such as Viacom and Clear Channel. With so much riding on the SIRI and XMSR merger, this is one your should not miss.

In this episode Brian Freeman, the Founder & CEO of Element One Networks, is interviewed on the present and future of satellite radio. Find out what is going on in the industry. As you probably know, Sirius and XMSR are merging to form one awesome satellite radio company. They may just be the hot stocks of the moment!


The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 4

March 26, 2007

Episode 4 – Quant Screen for profits. The Mailbag is open. Some ideas on how to lock in credit now to make sure you are set for the future.

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CNBC Market Challenge – Week 3

March 25, 2007

The third week of the CNBC challenge was quite interesting as markets were in recovery mode and the Asian markets took the lead jumping to all time highs. In fact, it was the best week for US stocks in 4 years!

The early part of the week was once again full of interesting and ultimately market moving economic releases. These were of great help going into the all important Wednesday when Mr. Bernanke would show us a strong opinion to keep all of his key rates steady. Read more

Zander Pander – STEP DOWN ALREADY!

March 22, 2007

There has been a good bit of speculation saying thal Palm would be a reasonable acquisition for Motorola which would marry a hardware manufacturer with a software/service provider. There are a few problems though.

Ed ZanderThink about the fact that doing so would effectively block (MOT) from any further distribution arrangements with Apple or Microsoft on the handset market. The fact that MOT would then have a proprietary operating system for phones would be a real turn off.

Also, there is still a good deal of work that MOT will have to do to win back investor confidence. The recent management change will be a boost, only in the fact that the old regime was exceptionally bad at creating shareholder value. The company has the best selling handsets in the world and still has difficulty growing and turning a profit. Read more

Market Madness – 3.19.2007

March 19, 2007

Now that was quite the kick in the pants. The premarket looked good, and it was a gorgeous follow through all day. The Dow was up 115, NASDAQ 21, and the S&P almost 15. You would almost think that times were good!

It was just a few days ago that a slew of bears had come out of thier dens ready to create a panic selling environment. Sub Prime fears, stagflation, tsunami ARM issues, IRAQ war deficit and even global warming have been used as excuses why this market should see lower lows. Last week’s action was concerning on the heels of the 2/27 sell off. But what are we to make of this? Bottom feeding, vultures or stupidity?

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