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TDI Podcast: Investing With Clean Hands (#480)

Guest, James Lumberg explains exact what is the meaning of Impact Investing Strategies. He provides us with a solid education and what to look for. He follows up with an Amazing review of the history of returns for those companies that have socially and environmentally responsible governance plans in place. It is interesting to note the performance over the years – actually it is quite impressive. Read more »

The Disciplined Investor Podcast
The Disciplined Investor Podcast

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TDI Podcast: Investing With Clean Hands (#480)
Guest(s): James Lumberg

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DHUnplugged #333: Coming Into The Home Stretch

Listen Now :Did Janet Yellen just tell us that the Fed’s tools are ineffective? Bonds sold off, the dollar rallies as the potential for a rate hike by the... Read more »

October 19, 2016

DHUnplugged #332: Rumor Mill Overload

Listen Now :The rumor mill is in overdrive. Last week Twitter (TWTR) was said to be up for sale. This week there is some murmurs about the potential for Disney (DIS)... Read more »

October 5, 2016

DHUnplugged #331: We’ve Been Smeckledorfed

Listen Now :Twitter (TWTR) rumored to be up for sale, Facebook (FB) video ad controversy and the continuing saga with Wells Fargo (WFC) are in focus. Also, we look... Read more »

September 28, 2016

DHUnplugged #330: The 11th Sector

Listen Now :A fun week lies ahead for Central Bank fixated traders and investors. More terrorism on U.S. soil – what to make of this and how does that impact... Read more »

September 21, 2016

DHUnplugged #329: Switch Flipped

Listen Now :Last week we discussed that volatility and volume could increase as traders are back to the trading desks – summer is over and now we may see trading... Read more »

September 14, 2016

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TDI Podcast: A Twist on QuantaFundaTechna (Episode #479)

With a quiet week for economics, earnings season about to start – what better time to look to launch a few trial balloons? Central Banks and the rumor mill... Read more »

October 9, 2016

TDI Podcast: The Vegas Red Eye (#478)

Just off of the red-eye, tired and fighting a cold – but the show must go on. A look at some of the action from a weekend in Vegas as well as a quick commentary... Read more »

October 2, 2016

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