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TDI Podcast: This Will Blow Your Mind (#414)

Guest: Paul Godsmark, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence discusses the world with automated (driver-less) vehicles. The implications are astounding. We also take a look at companies that may benefit from breakthroughs in this industry, some of the recent economic reports and a summation of this earnings season.

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The Disciplined Investor Podcast
The Disciplined Investor Podcast

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TDI Podcast: This Will Blow Your Mind (#414)
Guest(s): Paul Godsmark

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DHUnplugged #270: Tick-Tock – Time Is Running Out

Listen Now :There are so many headwinds facing stocks that there will need to be a major catalyst to move markets higher from these levels. Potential rate hikes,... Read more »

May 27, 2015

DHUnplugged #269: HumDrum – What Is Lurking Around the Corner?

Listen Now :Markets are sticking tightly to a range. Each little drop is met with buy…But something is lurking around the corner. We discuss some of the potential... Read more »

May 20, 2015

DHUnplugged #268: It’s All About That Rate, ‘Bout That Rate

Listen Now :Bond yields have been soaring around the world as smarter investors look at some of the ridiculous negative yields that have been forced by the ECB and... Read more »

May 13, 2015

Curzio: “Andrew Horowitz says it’s Time To Be Cautious”

On this week’s Wall Street Unplugged Podcast, I spoke with Frank Curzio on several topics including the markets, economy and a few new ideas. I said that investors... Read more »

May 8, 2015

DHUnplugged #267 – Stink-O Day My-O

Listen Now :Heads up! It is that all important day in history – the 5th of May that is celebrated with all sorts of gaseous food and tequila inspired cocktails.... Read more »

May 6, 2015

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TDI Podcast: Michael Covel Talks Turtles and Trends (#413)

Michael Covel talks about how to follow the trend and his experience with the turtle traders. We discuss the importance of trend over any other research as well... Read more »

May 17, 2015

TDI Podcast: A Hail Mary Stick Save – And Oil Patch Consolidations (#412)

Some of the recent market trends are explored in this episode. After a roller coaster week, markets were able to get close to highs again after the official jobs... Read more »

May 11, 2015

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