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TDI Podcast: The Straight Scoop From Das (#385)

Guest: Satyajit Das explains what is going on around the world markets and gives us a behind the scenes look as to why this correction is occurring. We also explore the real options for the EuroZone, metals and commodities. Some of the more important aspects of the ECB’s plan to revive Europe are also put under a scrutiny in this episode.

Earnings season is actually providing some solace for investors as companies are a bit more upbeat and earnings are keeping pace/outrunning estimates. All good to keep a reasonable amount of buying interest. More importantly, we discuss how the Fed is once again trying to calm markets with their recent commentary. What are they saying and what will the do?¬† Listen in….

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The Disciplined Investor Podcast
The Disciplined Investor Podcast

Latest Episode: (click below for show-notes)
TDI Podcast: The Straight Scoop From Das (#385)
Guest(s): Satyajit Das

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StocktoberFest: Flir Systems (FLIR)

Thermal imaging is coming to an airport near you as fears over the Ebola virus continue to spread. Thermal imaging allows TSA or other airline authorities to monitor... Read more »

October 22, 2014

DHUnplugged #243: IBM to Go Private and/or Rometty Canned?

Listen Now :In this action packed episode we discuss the latest round of earnings that have hit the tape as well as the miraculous turn around for global markets.... Read more »

October 22, 2014

StocktoberFest: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Despite overall market weakness, Apple Inc. has held up fairly strong. ¬†This should be attributed to the expectation of strong sales for both the iPhone 6 and 6+... Read more »

October 17, 2014

StocktoberFest: McDonald’s (MCD)

McDonald’s is set to report earnings in the next couple of days and it could be an interesting quarter for them considering the strength in the U.S. Dollar.... Read more »

October 17, 2014

StocktoberFest: Intel (INTC)

Intel reported earnings better than expectations yesterday after the close. However, after moving higher in the post market, investor sentiment turned as the market... Read more »

October 15, 2014

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TDI Podcast: Options with John Carter and The Market Meltdown (Episode 384)

Guest: John Carter, from shares with us some of the ways to profit from using options. We discuss the basics and more advanced option strategies. In... Read more »

October 12, 2014

TDI Podcast: Tom McClellan and Stocks to Watch (#383)

Guest: Tom McClellan provides us some very useful statistics on the market as well as some historical references that we can use in our investment process. In this... Read more »

October 5, 2014

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